Why Publicity?

Let’s speaks and present about you & your products / services to your

Why publicity ?


Publicity is the way of educating your market and increase awareness of your business existance, and it can be done either through agencies or hard working for free. Publicity is different from marketing campaigns; it is very general in nature & doesn’t carry a specific message. Where as, marketing process is telling about your physical product or service to target audiance. You can do publicity through social media,  partnerships publications, product placements,  and companies promotional events… etc

We do your tricky technical jobs for You and you can carry the easy parts on your own to get expected outcome.  Our specialized team can combine and design the following  3 Publicity strategies for the best sales : 

Why with us?

We produce the best designs for better media publicity results; at the same time we help clients to track the realults of our clients efforts.
>> How publicity moves from RAI_grafix. ? <<
>> How simply we do Publicity Designs for our clients? <<

Publicity is the foundation to growth to our clients. We design and develope optimum publicity fondation for steady growth, which is always our first priorities to our clients. We combine both traditional and digital way of publicity to cover optimum target market. Publicity won’t necessarily take the place of traditional advertising, but it can raise your business profile. Even better, the best publicity strategies don’t involve buying advertising time or space with the agencies.

>> Traditional advertising has its limitations but has better and effective response . But, It’s little expensive as compared to digital, and it can be difficult to know whether you’re reaching your target audience accurately.

>> Digital form of publicity has limitless opportunity in terms of potential market coverage and cost efficiency. You can track and analyse the results of your publicity in a minute of time.

>> Combination of both publicity strategy can create huge impact on your targeted output. It is costly and but very effective.  
>>General publicity implementation <<
  1. Network: Develop contacts within the media to increase coverage of your business. You can do this through networking, introducing yourself and your business, and getting in touch when you hear about newsworthy items, whether they involve your business or not. 
  2. Volunteer: Get involved in charity drives, local events, or industry milestones so your business will be mentioned in press coverage of those events.
  3. Self-promotion: Pitch yourself as an expert source for news stories. Journalists are often looking for people to contribute their knowledge for news articles. Keep in mind that you can’t directly promote your product or service when acting as a source. Instead, you’re promoting your expertise, which helps potential customers see you as an authority in your field.

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